Courses Preparing for the Polish as Foreign Language State Examination Certificate

The course prepares you for the exam for state exams, certifying knowledge of the Polish language at one of the 3 levels: B1, B2, C2. Students who want to attend this course can pick their level by themselves (accordingly to their own language skills) or do it together with the teacher – based on the internal test.

During the course students will get to know the structure of the exam and the types of questions. They will write pre-tests and answer specific questions, checking particular language abilities. In this way, students under experienced teachers' supervision can fill in the knowledge gaps when it comes to vocabulary or grammar (for that reason during class there are some extra exercises). Students can develop skills that will be crucial for the exam (running a conversation, building a long statement about some subjects, listening and reading with understanding, writing).

For further information, please contact the School Office or please visit the website of School of Polish Language and Culture.



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