Documents Required for Exchange Students

The incoming student is required to submit the following documents to online application system - ePASS:

  1. Application form (printed form the ePASS system).
  2. Copy of passport or other identity document.
  3. Copy of the insurance policy.
  4. Copy of document confirming knowledge of the language of lecture (Polish or English) - if required in the exchange program.
  5. Current photo.
  6. Learning Agreement - a document specifying the courses (subjects) which student will realize during the exchange. A document should be agreed upon by sending and receiving institutions. 

After arriving to the University of Sielsia student has to deliver the  originals of the documents listed above along with the document confirming legal stay in Poland (copy of visa or residence card).

In case of any problems please contact the International Students Admissions Office.



Tel.: +48 32 359 22 72

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