Exchange Possibilities for Students of the University of Silesia

The students of the University of Silesia have the possibility of taking part in student exchange as outgoing students - in the frame of international scholarship programs, through executing bilateral agreements with partner institutions, or through exchange programs such as Erasmus+.

All the educational institutions the University of Silesia has concluded a bilateral agreement with can be found on the list of its partner institutions. If the agreement with such institution foresees student mobility, potential outgoing student should contact International Admissions Office ( OR the destined university directly.

Such concluded agreements may concern either individual faculties (then the agreement concerns only cooperation and/or exchange within certain faculties of the institutions), or the whole university. In second case, the cooperation is meant to be university-wide and may include every student of the university, regardless of the field of education.

Please remember that deadlines of exchange admissions for outgoing students of the University of Silesia are set by their partner institutions. It is for the potential outgoing student to get to know and respect the dates of the admision periods of the destined institutions.



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