Intensive One Year Polish Language Course

The course is designed for foreigners who want to use Polish in written and oral form for their daily purposes necessary for studying and working in Poland.

The intensive course is a practical study of Polish in several areas: understanding and composing speech and written text, as well as correctness of grammar.

The course begins in October and lasts two semesters: from October to the end of January and from the middle of February to the end of June. The course covers 450 hours.

The classes take place five days a week, 3 schools hours (45 minutes) every day.

Students must pass end-of-the-term tests at the end of each semester. To receive certificates of course completion students must pass the final test. The certificate of course completion is a document certifying students' knowledge of Polish language.

To participate in the course one must:

  • be in the age of 18 at least,
  • have a visa or permit of stay at the territory of the Republic of Poland for the duration of the course,
  • fill in the registration form for the course and send it to the School,
  • pay a registration fee of 50 Euros and the tuition fee.

The tuition fee for the course is 1500 euro for one year (450 hours classes).

Upon request, the School will assist students to book a place in a residence hall for the duration of the course. It will be paid separately.

The School does not take responsibility for visas or permits of stay. The only documents that can be issued by the School are: the acceptance letter for qualified individuals for the Polish language course and, secondly, a certificate of participation in the course.

The course is being offered when there is a group of minimum 5 students. For the groups of five or more candidates, representing a certain institution, the course can be designed to suit the needs of the group: time, place and course material.

For further information please visit the website of School of Polish Language and Culture or contact the School Office directly.



Tel.: +48 32 359 22 72

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