Transfer Students

It is possible for foreign students to get transferred to the University of Silesia on their current stage of education by conducting the transfer process.

According to the provisions of the Bologna process, the universities in Poland have implemented the ECTS system, which means that student transfer is possible under fulfilling certain conditions.

  1. The candidate for the transfer should provide the International Admissions Office with personal data, such as name, surname, name of mother university and country of current studies.
  2. Apart from the above-mentioned, the candidate must specify the programme and specialization of studies, including the year and semester. This gives us the possibility of finding a suitable programme for the transfer student.
  3. The student is obliged to provide the University of Silesia with the transcript of records  – the complete list of courses finished, including the amount of hours and form of examination of the course. The employees of the University of Silesia will compare the curriculum to the programme of the US and see if the form of courses covers.
    Please remember that the transfer is possible only if the curricula of the programmes covers in a satisfactory degree (depending on the programme).
  4. The candidate has to receive the written consent of the Dean of the mother university’s faculty.
  5. The International Admissions Office of the University of Silesia contacts the Dean’s office of the destined faculty about the possibility of such transfer – in order to receive the permission for the transfer from University of Silesia’s side.
  6. After reaching mutual consent, the candidate goes through the same admission process as the exchange students.

The deadlines for transfer requests are: January 15 – for summer semester, and July 15 – for winter semester.



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