What are my first steps after the University accepts me for studies?

If you were accepted for studies on the University of Silesia, these are the first steps you should make:

  1. Verify your documents at the International Admissions Office (Katowice, Bankowa 12, rooms 76 and 78). See the list of required documents: http://admission.us.edu.pl/english/required-documents.
  2. Submit your documents to your Dean’s Office (Polish: Dziekanat). Find the Dean’s Office for programmes conducted in Engish here: http://admission.us.edu.pl/english/deans-offices-programmes-conducted-english
    For programmes conducted in Polish visit: http://student.us.edu.pl/kontakt-z-dziekanatami.
  3. Login to your USOSweb account: https://usosweb.us.edu.pl/. Your login and password in the USOSweb are the same as in the Online Application System.
  4. Pay for your Student’s ID and record book.
    Log in to USOSweb. Your personal account number and detailed transfer information (such as name and amount of the transfer) can be found there. After the documents are ready, you will be able to collect tchem at your Dean’s Office.
  5. Check the study programme.
  6. Participate in the Orientation Days on your Faculty (check the Faculty’s website).
  7. Remember that each student must participate in the work hygiene training.
  8. Check if there are any courses you must register to in your USOSweb account.
  9. Study! Find the callendar of the academic year here: https://us.edu.pl/student/nowy-student/nowy-student-pierwsze-kroki/kalendarz-akademicki/


If you are planning to stay in the student dormitory, please remember to:

  1. Fill in the application for the place in a dormitory and leave it in your Faculty’s Dean’s Office (after submission of documents). Find the application forms here: http://english.us.edu.pl/accommodation-application-forms.
  2. After you arrive to the dormitory – visit the administration office as soon as you reach the dormitory. If the administration office is closed, you will need to pay the guest fee at the reception.


E-mail: admission@us.edu.pl

Tel.: +48 32 359 22 72

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