Why UŚ?

The University of Silesia is the largest and most influential educational institution in the region of Silesia, and one in the most important of such units in Poland. With its 12 faculties, the offer of the university covers a wide array of disciplines, and for all of them the research projects are constantly conducted.

By offering over 70 programmes on all levels of studies (bachelor, master and doctoral) the University of Silesia guarantees a successful entrance into the labour market by providing the student with necessary knowledge and attitude towards one’s future career.

As one of the few institutions in Poland, the University of Silesia guarantees accommodation for all its foreign students. For their further adaptation, well-being and confidence, the university provides such students with buddy program implemented in cooperation with student organizations. Additionally, students are encouraged to make use of services of units of the university devoted to their support: Career Office, Student Activity Zone and Support Services.

One may also take advantage of highly sophisticated infrastructure of the university, such as the Centre for Scientific Information and Academic Library (hybrid library opened in cooperation with the University of Economics in Katowice), research hub Silesian Centre for Education and Interdisciplinary Research and numerous laboratories handling various disciplines of science.

Apart from the academic activities, the students of the University of Silesia also take part in numerous initiatives of their own supported by the university, such as Student Government, Erasmus Student Network, Academic Sports Association, Ensemble of Song and Dance or university’s choir, to name just a few. University’s media are another option for personal development. With help of students the University of Silesia runs the university radio, television and couple of magazines. Altogether they contribute to the University Media Centre.

Last no but least, the location is also a big advantage of studying in the University of Silesia. The cities of Katowice and Sosnowiec are perfect localizations in southern Poland, surrounded with airport, train stations and nearly-perfect city communication. Katowice, the UNESCO city of music, is a rapidly developing city which strongly supports cultural activities and events, where libraries and concert halls meet campuses and office centers. Cieszyn is the city of tradition – built on the territory of both Poland and Czech Republic, the city provides exceptional esthetical impressions and cultural diversity.


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