Individual Course (a la carte)

Individual courses are organized for persons who want to study under special conditions such as the schedule of the classes, the times, the amount of school hours and the amount of persons in a group. These are one-to-one courses or groups. Courses may take place outside the premises of the School under the conditions agreed by the student and the School.

Such an individual course is held on the basis of a written contract in which the following are stated: the number of lesson hours, time, place, methods of organizing classes, and methods of payment. The minimum fee for one academic hour is 72 PLN.

On the request of the participant the School books accommodation in a dormitory and the meals in a student canteen. The cost of the meals and accommodation is fixed separately. The School does not participate in acquiring visas and the cards of stay.

For further information contact the School Office or visit the website of School of Polish Language and Culture.
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