Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps I should follow to apply to your university?
In general the procedures are following: you have to register in the Online Application System, provide personal data, and choose the programme you are interested to apply for.
Then you will have to submit required documents and pay registration fee. Find the detailed description of process here.

How to register in the IRK system?

Candidates register in the IRK system (Internetowa Rejestracja Kandydatów – Online Application System) by creating an individual candidate’s account. In order to create such an account, you need to go to , fill in all the data that are required in the personal data form and create a password (that you will later remember). An account activation link and a login are sent to the e-mail address that you have given in the personal data form. You need to activate your account by clicking the link.
Logging in to your individual account in the IRK system is only possible when you give the correct login and password. If you have forgotten your password there is a possibility to get it back. The password will be sent to the e-mail address that you have given in the personal data form.

Can I register and apply for more than one programme?

Yes. There is no limit on the number of programmes for which you can apply. However, you will have to pay the admission fee for each programme.

When does the admission procedure take place?

The dates related to the programme(s) of your choice are specified in the admission timetable for each programme in the IRK system. Please pay attention to the deadlines specified by the University that relate to: applying for a programme of your choice, paying the admission fee, taking additional exams (if such exams are included in the criteria), registering for the programme for which you have been accepted and submitting all the necessary documents If you fail to keep the deadlines, you may drop out from the admission process.

To which account should I transfer the admission fee?

Candidates transfer the admission fee to the account owned by the University of Silesia which is created individually for each candidate when s/he registers in the IRK system. You should not transfer your fee to the account of your friend registered in the IRK system. This account only serves the admission procedure and other fees should not be transferred to it. After the admission procedure closes, the account will be deleted. Other information about the admission fee is available at:

What are my steps after I am accepted for studies?
After you are accepted for studies, please follow these steps.

What programmes can I study?
You will find our offer in the catalog of programmes.

What is the registration fee?
The registration fee per programme is 85 PLN, 100 PLN or 150 PLN. Find the detailed description here. Please note the registration fee is an obligatory step and has to be paid in order to take part in the admission process. Your candidacy will be considered only after the payment is received.

How much will I pay for one semester?
The tuition fee varies from 800 euros to about 2,500 euros per semester, depending on the programme you wish to study. The height of the tuition for each programme individually can be found on the programme's site in our online Catalog.

Do you offer courses of Polish?
Yes - the School of Polish Language and Culture of the University of Silesia offers a broad range of such courses for students on all levels of language proficiency.

How about preparatory courses of English?
Unfortunately we do not have preparatory courses of English in our offer. The market for such courses seems already saturated in Poland.

Do you offer dormitories?
Yes. Learn more here.

What are the dates of admissions?
The admissions open in June -July. If there are still some places left on the programme, the addidional registration round may be opened. Additional rounds usually last till September. The dates and deadlines for each programme can be found in the Online Application System catalogue.

When does the academic year start/end?
The academic year starts on 1st October and lasts to 30th June. In september the make-up exam session for summer semester takes place.

How do you help me in getting visa for studies?
After you are accepted for studies we will upload the scan of your acceptance letter to your Online Application System account. You can make use of it during the visa affixation process.

Does your university offer scholarships for foreign students?
There is a number of scholarships for which foreign candidates may want to apply. Feel free to look through the list of such programs. If you study on the same rules as Polish citizens you may also apply for social or educational scholarships.

Moreover, each year we offer certain ammount of places free of tuition fee



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